Corner Sofas on Finance – Pay Monthly or Weekly From £15 Per Week

Get premium corner sofas on finance today, available to be paid monthly or weekly from only £15 per week – with no credit checks or interest payable with Pay Per Week in-house finance.

Our pay weekly and pay monthly corner sofas come with free delivery and expert installation, with two amazing payment methods that put you in control. Shop your new sofa today!

How Do Our Pay Weekly and Pay Monthly Corner Sofas on Finance Work?

Need a quality corner sofa at an affordable price? We have two ways to order your pay weekly and pay monthly corner sofas.

Option 1: Pay Per Week In-House Finance

Your first option for a corner sofa on finance is with our in-house finance service.

At Pay Per Week, those who apply for our finance are automatically pre-approved with zero credit checks. 

You can get instant credit up to £750 for first-time customers and £2000 for returning customers. 

After paying a small deposit for your corner sofa, you can set up a recurring payment on your chosen day – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

You’ll need to make multiple payments before your corner sofa is delivered.

But there’s absolutely no interest to pay. 

We’ll even deliver your corner sofa for free, with professional assembly and package removal all included in the price!

Option 2: Snap Finance

We’ve partnered with Snap Finance to allow shoppers instant access to their corner sofas on finance.

With Snap, you won’t need to make multiple payments before accessing your corner sofa.

Instead, you can buy today and pay tomorrow, with a flexible payment structure to spread costs up to 24 months.

Be sure to read our finance and payment options guide to see a deep-dive comparison and see which method is right for you.

How to Get Our Corner Sofas on Finance

Alongside our simple finance options, our buying process for pay weekly/monthly corner sofas is very straightforward.

Step 1 – Find Your Perfect Pay Weekly or Pay Monthly Corner Sofa

Your first step is finding the right corner sofa for you.

We have a huge range of corner sofas to choose from, with different colours, materials, and styles all available.

Just scroll up to see our entire range.

Step 2 – Enquire Now to Book a Call

Found the right pay monthly corner sofa? Click the “Enquire Now” button.

This will take you to a new page where you can request a call from one of our sofa finance experts.

They’ll run through the sales process with you and help you choose which finance option is right for you.

Step 3 – Organise Your Home Visit From a Local Sofa Expert

After your call, you can book a home visit with your local sofa expert.

They’ll show you all our products and discuss the buying process.

If you’re happy with your corner sofa, you’ll pay a small deposit and set up a day – weekly, fortnightly or monthly – to make payments.

You’ll need to make multiple payments before your corner sofa is delivered. The number of payments you’ll need will depend on your chosen corner sofa model.

Step 4 – Delivery Day of Your Corner Sofa on Finance

On the day of delivery, your local expert will bring your corner sofa, install it, and remove packing – all included in the price!

How Do Our Pay Weekly and Pay Monthly Corner Sofas on Finance Work?

A huge range of people are automatically pre-approved for our pay monthly corner sofas on finance, as long as:

  1. You’re over 18 years of age.
  2. You can afford the minimum weekly payment.
  3. You can provide proof of address and income (including benefits, if applicable).
  4. You have a bank account that can make recurring payments. 

Corner Sofas on Finance Near You

We have local sofa experts across the UK who can deliver and install our corner sofas on finance to millions of homes.

Check out our area guide to see if we cover your location.

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